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There are lots of reasons consumers hesitate on buying a product. It could be a question of money, whether they really need it or not, or if they will be fully satisfied with their purchase.

Very often, buyers need more than one contact before they make a purchase. Think of it as a little push, a little guide in the right direction. 

Sometimes, especially with more complex sales, they need an entire series of contacts to bring awareness, educate and answer questions. Most importantly, they need to establish a relationship, one based on trust and connection. 

By using gentle persistence and multiple touches, you can get far better results than with a single touch alone. Let’s look at how one marketer used this approach to get a 1,400% ROI.

Step 1: Personalization

1,400% ROI Part 1: The marketer sent a high-gloss trifold mailer that grabbed instant attention inside the mailbox. The mailer used name personalization, relevant text and a personalized URL that invited the recipient to enter an email address to download a free, high-value white paper. Recipients also were encouraged to fill out an optional survey to provide the marketer with more insight into their individual needs.

The first step in establishing the initial connection with a consumer is personalization. People love feeling as though they are being seen individually out of crowds of people looking to buy the same product or service. 

Step 2: Identifying Connections

1,400% ROI Part 2: The marketer sent a follow-up mailing to nonresponders. This mailing built on the name recognition built by the first mailing but was tweaked to differentiate the two. After this mailing, the marketer was swamped with responses—so much so that the third mailing was delayed for several weeks so that the response team could keep up.”

The second step in this marketer’s journey focused on keeping in touch with possible clients. Although they didn’t respond to the initial touch, that doesn’t mean they weren’t interested. 

Sometimes it takes a little extra work to establish a relationship with consumers, and that has to be something you’re OK with. There are simple ways to stay in touch with clients and not be annoying as well. 

Step 3: Keeping in Touch

1,400% ROI Part 3: The marketer sought to engage people who had not responded to the first two mailings. It used an invitation-style A7 envelope with full-color brochure insert, personalized note and personalized URL. Respondents also were offered the chance to win one of two high-end prizes. The results? The company exceeded its sales goals by 400% and achieved more than 1,400% ROI.

The final step in attaining their goals, this marketer didn’t give up on their multi-touch campaign. He switched up the type of print he used, engaging the possible clients in a different way. Not only that, but he designed for their eyes, making things look new and fresh while making everything about the final touch about them. 

He added an extra touch with the prizes. It’s just a known fact: People love free stuff. 

Coming Out on Top

What made this program such a success? The marketer understood that sometimes it takes more than one contact to build name recognition and trust. 

In a multi-touch campaign, each piece builds upon the next, and in the end, you gain results not possible with a one-off piece. It means something to show your clients you care—and it pays off in the end, big time. 

Here to Help Your Multi-Touch Campaign

At PMI, we understand it can be daunting when consumers don’t answer the initial engagement. It can get worse as they continue not to. 

There’s no need to question your business just yet, though. The trained professionals at PMI are here to help you identify the best ways to make your multi-touch campaign a success. Through innovative strategies and personalized plans, we’re able to help all of our clients feel confident in how they sell their service or product. 

If you want to tap into the power of multi-touch marketing, let us help, and reach out to us on our website today.

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