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What makes for great direct mail marketing

The first thing to come to mind would be content. You don’t want to send your clients information about things they don’t care about. 

But what else is important when it comes to how you go about direct mail marketing? Timing and frequency. 

The ideal number of direct mailings often is said to be eight to 10 per year. However, while repetition is essential, you don’t want to annoy people. This could make people cancel their connections to you whether that be through subscriptions or memberships. 

To be effective with your direct mail marketing, you need to strike a balance. One of the ways you can do this is by changing up the way you present your messages. 

Here are some ideas:

1. Tie the message to special events

Think about all of the holidays and special events that connect to your audience. Can your product or service help them celebrate those times? If so, capitalize on that. 

A perfect example of this is the Super Bowl. People are shown through commercials, posters and every other promotional product possible how a certain product will help them celebrate game day. It almost has the feel of a personalized experience for the consumer. 

By utilizing important events and days, you allow your brand to become more memorable and connect itself to an event that could happen yearly, therefore putting you in the mind of consumers annually as well. 

2. Announce something new or respond to a move by the competition

Upgrades to your products and cross-sells and upsells provide the perfect excuse to touch base with your customers. It’s your chance to showcase you’re still growing and creating the best product in your business. A good lead for that could be something along the lines of, “Hey, we’ve got something new!” 

Likewise, you can piggyback off promotions made by your competitors and showcase how your product still beats out theirs. You could lead with, “You may have heard that Brand X is the longest-lasting widget on the market. But you may not know that our product …” 

3. Drip your content

Another way to continually put yourself in front of the customer is to use drip marketing. Drip marketing is about presenting your product and information over time but still keeping the overall message or theme.

Here you present different elements of your message over time.

  • In the first touch, you might present your product in a problem-solution format.
  • In the second touch, you might talk about how the product fits into changing market conditions.
  • In the third touch, you might talk about how the product is positioned against competitive products.
  •  In the fourth touch, you might follow up with customer testimonials.

Although you are continually engaging your customer, you are presenting fresh information each time. This way they don’t get overwhelmed but they also don’t get bored. 

4. Change up your formats

Don’t forget how many promotional product options you have! As creatures of habit, it can be easy for your business to fall into the routine of sending out envelopes with letters all the time. 

Make sure to mix in different mailing formats. There are postcards, mini posters, tri-folds and brochures—all full of potential to attract new clients and satisfy current ones. 

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