Promotional Products Boost Awareness for Non-Profit

With time ticking down until a large community health fair, the non-profit event sponsor rapidly needed to produce print collateral and coordinated event signage, and supply thousands of branded promotional items. Thanks to PMI’s dedicated project management, turn-key service and coordination, all materials were on-hand in time for the event launch.



Getting ready for any event takes a lot of preparation.  But for this non-profit, resources were stretched thin.  Getting ready for the event took a backseat to the organization’s primary mission until it was almost too late.


Days prior to the event, PMI stepped in to locate, coordinate and accelerate the fulfillment and shipping of thousands of branded promotional products –including first aid kits, reusable shopping bags, lip balms, sunglasses, and hand sanitizer tubes. In addition to the promotional items, as the event quickly approached PMI produced all the print collateral and signage to give the non-profit a cohesive event presence.
PMI’s services included:

  • Creative marketing services
  • Printing
  • Promotional products fulfillment


For this non-profit, PMI:

  • Procured multiple promotional items in just a few days
  • Saved money and shaved off days of shipping by working with local vendors
  • Prepped all files for a smooth and fast production process
  • Ensured cohesive sponsor recognition and branding throughout the entire event

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