We want your marketing and sales efforts to be meaningful and hugely successful (aka BIG ROI), so we like to share content and insights that have proven valuable to us as well as our clients for over 20 years.

Why Your Text Should Have Color Too

When it comes to images, we know that color pushes the needle and motivates Bay Area buyers to take action.  A picture of a juicy hamburger topped with bright green lettuce and ripe red tomato is far more compelling than the same image in black and white, after all. ...

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Three Ways to Sell More to Existing Customers

Think you have to go out and drum up new customers in order to increase your sales? Think again.  Prospecting is certainly an important tool for revenue generation, but there are ways to increase your sales from existing customers too. After all, they bought from you...

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Why Does Channel Selection Matter?

When it comes to choosing marketing channels, marketers tend to make many assumptions: Millennials always want digital, the Silent Generation wants print. But the reality is often far different.  As Bay Area marketers, if we don’t pay attention to how consumers truly...

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Five Ways to Keep in Touch with Your Customers

When’s the last time you reached out to a customer and didn’t try to sell them something?  Can’t remember? That’s pretty normal when it comes to the day-in and day-out movement of owning a business.  Which is why it’s important not to lose track of its purpose: your...

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Direct Mail: The Key to Customer Acquisition

Did you know that six percent of consumers in the United States don’t have access to broadband? That 30 percent of Americans don’t use Facebook? Or that only 83 percent of U.S. adults have cellphones? Even the best email lists only reach 40–50 percent of your list...

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7 Steps To Make Sure Your Mailing List Is Getting Enough Love

Quick! If you had to identify the most important component of your marketing, what would you say?  Here at PMI, located in the San Francisco Bay Area, we would say our mailing list. If you said that too then good, we’re on the right track.  Next question: Is it...

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Are You Matching The Right Incentive To the Right Audience?

Do you put as much thought into the incentive as you do into your mailing list, your creative content, and your message? Does the value of the incentive match how much the response is worth to you?  Here at PMI, located in the San Francisco Bay Area, we know all about...

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Do You Know These 9 Buyer Types?

As a business, do you know who your buyers are? Marketing strategist Gary Hennerberg says buyers fall into 9 categories.
Each of them is looking for something different from you. Learn the 9 types of buyers to determine how best to appeal to them with your marketing.

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9 Components Every Marketing Campaign Must Have

Do you know what it takes to create an effective marketing campaign? Most marketers have a good grasp on a few marketing campaign components, but you might be missing some. Here are nine things every marketing campaign needs to be successful.

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Top Reasons to Use More Visual Content

You’ve spent weeks developing the messaging for your Spring Fling mailer or your annual fundraising letter.  You know your audience. Your message is on target. The call to action is compelling. You can’t wait to see what...

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