What is a PURL?

Personalized URLs (PURLs) let you deliver highly targeted messages and give prospects or customers the ability to immediately respond to your offer. PURLs, like, are dynamically generated for each name on your list. Then these PURLs are prominently featured in a direct mail or email campaign, and link to a web landing page (think a mini website) created for each particular recipient. Attracting and linking prospects to person-alized web pages allows you and your sales team to collect information, and follow-up with campaign respondents while interest is high.

Ask PMI about adding PURLs to your integrated approach to:

• On average, boost response rates from 1-2% to 5-10% • Gather contact and lead qualification information • Easily and accurately measure your campaign real-time success and ROI.

   What are IP Targeted Ads?

Unlike Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising that relies on a user searching for a specific keyword, IP Targeted Ads provide a new and aordable way for business and marketers to precisely reach their customers and prospects. Similar to what Every Door Direct Mail® does for direct mail, IP targeted advertising brings location-specific advertising to digital advertising. Using the IP address of targeted households (no cookies), we serve up display ads on popular websites where your target audience is likely to see them. Many companies use IP targeting in combination with direct mail to boost the effectiveness of their campaigns.

   What is a Variable Data Printing (VDP)?

Variable Data Printing (VDP) is a revolutionary digital printing process that allows you to customize the content of your documents, making them more relevant to your audience Anyone who’s done a mail merge in Word is familiar with the basic concept of VDP—putting a different name on a letter or envelope. But since Variable Data Printing links a database with a message, it can get really exciting when you start changing messages, images, text and offers based on each individual recipient. When using Variable Data Printing as part of a multi-touch campaign, from direct mail to email to the web, the end customer sees a completely personalized and consistent experience – which can increase response rates and drive return on investment. These are just some of the ways companies are using VDP: • Testing designs and concepts • Targeting individuals and small groups • Tailoring offers • Creating foreign language versions • Varying content based on geographic regions or sales territories • Personalizing pieces for extra attention

   What is a Every Door Direct Mail® (EDDM)?

Every Door Direct Mail® (EDDM) is a US Postal Service program that enables you to cost-effectively deliver mail pieces to a targeted audience or potential customers within a defined radius near your business.  It’s specifically designed for small businesses and eliminates the need for a mailing list and permit. Plus, postage is significantly reduced – less than half the cost of a postage stamp! This savings can dramatically increase the ROI on your direct mail campaigns. Talk to PMI about using EDDM foryour next direct mail campaign.

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