When it comes to images, we know that color pushes the needle and motivates Bay Area buyers to take action. 

A picture of a juicy hamburger topped with bright green lettuce and ripe red tomato is far more compelling than the same image in black and white, after all. 

So why should we be surprised that color in your marketing and informational text has the same power? Consumers respond to color everywhere. You don’t want to bore them with plain black and white text. 

If you want to inspire feelings and actions, colored text can boost your results dramatically.

Benefits of Using Color in Your Marketing Materials

We all can agree that colors are more exciting, but is their influence on consumers really significant enough to make the added cost of colored printing services worth it? 

Before you order black and white copies, consider these benefits of adding color to marketing or informational text:

  • Colored text helps readers find information more easily, which is great for insurance policies, contracts and other lengthy documents.
  • Colored text helps reduce errors by highlighting instructions or account information, so people get it right the first time.
  • Use colored text to highlight money owed and the due date to get your invoices paid faster.
  • Color increases the ability of readers to understand and retain information on everything from printed materials to sales presentations.
  • Readers show increased recall of marketing messages when text is in color. 

Enhance Your Marketing Efforts with Colored Text 

So colored text can do a lot for your marketing materials and business. But how can you put this trick into practice? 

To start, use color to make phone numbers or due dates stand out. Highlight different methods of payment. Feature discounts in brightly colored starbursts. Use arrows or colored bullets to focus attention on critical points in brochures. These are all small and simple ways to use color without overwhelming readers. 

A classic example of these benefits in action comes from the State of California Franchise Tax Board (FTB). The FTB used to send out plain tax notices, but the documents were confusing, and the FTB consistently experienced slow payments and high volumes to its call centers. 

So it added highlight color and personalized messaging. Critical information was displayed in blue, guiding taxpayers through the document and providing specific instructions. 

The result? Faster payments and fewer mistakes. This translated into millions in additional interest income and, at an average cost of $15 per call to the call center, significant savings from reduced call volume.

For a more advanced use of colored text, incorporate your brand’s colors into text. When balanced with traditional black-on-white text, you can make your promotional products pop and catch customers’ attention. Consumers are more likely to pause and take a look at something if they recognize the brand. This can be especially useful for direct mail marketing campaigns where your flyers and postcards must compete with junk mail. 

It’s a simple fact that colored text gets attention and helps recipients find information and process it faster. This has significant benefits at every level of your organization. With high-quality printing, colored text really stands out, so encourage your marketing team to look for ways to incorporate it more into their work. 

Need more ideas for how to use color in your marketing campaigns and get the results you want? Let us help you use color to make you money and save you money too. 

PMI’s creative marketing services can help you craft the perfect campaign, colors and all. Just click on our contact page and send us a message about what you need from us.

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