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Want to turn your traditional mailing into a multi-channel, multi-touch campaign at no extra cost? All you have to do is send it. 

That’s right. To create an effective multi-channel campaign, you don’t have to do anything extra beyond sending out your mail. The United States Postal Service does the rest. 

How does this work? It’s called USPS Informed Delivery, a free service from the Postal Service. 

Understanding USPS Informed Delivery

USPS Informed Delivery may sound confusing and not needed, but that assumption would be completely wrong. Informed Delivery gives consumers the chance to interact with businesses before mail even arrives in their mailbox. 

The process is something that the USPS has already been doing. USPS already scans images of the mail as a regular part of mail processing — it’s helpful on their end for multiple reasons. 

Informed Delivery is a service that plays off of that action. 

When mail recipients sign up for the Informed Delivery service, the USPS takes those images and puts them into a daily email digest delivered to subscribers every morning. This allows postal customers to see what is coming in their mailbox that day.  

This process of scanning in digital format, then sending in physical format, gives consumers the chance to interact with businesses before mail even arrives in their mailbox. Think of it as a two-for-one deal — a sneak preview to get consumers excited for their mail and be informed about the services or products that are available to them. 

Benefits of Informed Daily Delivery

We’re sure you’re wondering where you fit into all of this and what the benefits of Informed Daily Delivery could be for your business. That answer is also very simple — engagement. 

Currently, nearly 30 million Americans have signed up for the free service and open rates for Informed Delivery Digest emails average 60%. Those are the kinds of levels of engagement most businesses would dream of on a daily basis. 

Not only does Informed Delivery generate excitement by allowing mail recipients to see images of the mail they are about to receive, but it enables them to respond to offers immediately, even before the mail arrives.  

The two main things that work in Informed Delivery’s favor are that consumers can:

1. View the image.

Consumers love images and exciting text. It not only promotes your brand but gives off the starting positive aura you need to pull a customer in and, hopefully, make a sale. 

By placing teasers or offers on the front of the postcard or the outside of the envelope, your offers will be visible within the recipient’s email. Recipients can respond by taking a subsequent action, such as making a phone call or going to your website.

2. Click a promotional link. 

For a truly interactive campaign, you can add full-color custom images and links to promotional landing pages that will appear underneath the image of the mailpiece. 

These images might look like colorful banners, for example, or miniature advertisements. If recipients see something that catches their eye (“Donate now!” or “Take advantage of this FREE offer!”), they can click through immediately—right from within the email. 

Multiple interactive campaigns for the program can be conducted at one time for a single mailing. For example, you might send out a static mail piece but create different interactive links for other geographic regions.

PMI Professionals Here to Help

Some important things to note about USPS Informed Delivery: 

  • To qualify for the enhanced Informed Delivery service, mail pieces must contain a valid IMb (Intelligent Mail barcode). For most marketers, working with a qualified printer or mail house will make the most sense for these campaigns. 

Worried about handling those logistics and designed new content? That’s where the expert marketers at PMI are here to help. 

Reach out to us today on our website and we can help you not only understand USPS Informed Delivery but use it to your full advantage. 

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