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Your customer communications, whether print, email or mobile, are the face of your business. They’re what allow your customers to build a connection with you over time and choose to work with your business time and time again. 

If your conversation isn’t meaningful, your products never get noticed. That’s why customer-centricity (or making the customer central to every interaction) is critical to your success. 

Here are five steps to making sure that every communication is customer-centric: 

1. Think as they do 

Each of your buyers is unique in their own way. They have likes, dislikes, lifestyles and life goals that are unique to them and give them an idea of what kind of services or products they need in their life. 

Why does this matter to you? Buyers want to be understood.

When creating your messaging, think like your customers, and create messaging that causes them to say, “Hey! They understand me!” The quicker you make that connection of understanding, the closer they get to using your products or services. 

2. Use empathy 

When we say understand your buyers, we mean really put the effort in to understand them. Maybe this means sending out short surveys or satisfaction surveys to see what they think and how they feel. 

Whatever you do, take it seriously. 

Understand where they are coming from so that you can craft messaging they can relate to. This is always important, but it is particularly so during these challenging times associated with the COVID-19 pandemic. 

And if push comes to shove and you don’t know what they need or want, ask them. You’d be surprised how much customers are willing to give feedback and engage with businesses they trust.

3. Track the customer journey 

How do your customers arrive at a purchasing decision? Do they research products online? Rely on customer reviews? At what point in the journey do they contact a salesperson? 

All of these questions refer to the customer journey, and if a company can understand it, it can market and connect to its customers on a deeper level.  

Understanding the customer journey requires connecting all customer touchpoints, both online and offline, to know how they go from product awareness to making a purchase. This enables you to create messaging that resonates and is relevant at each stage. 

4. Break down silos

Most customers interact with you using multiple channels, so consolidate your customer information into a single database to get a complete view of each customer. This may require your entire team to come together and compile all of your customer data, but it will be worth it in the end. 

Tie together all of the points of connection to improve consumers’ overall experience with your brand. If you can figure out the steps they take to buy your product or service, you may be able to make it easier for them to do so. 

And customers really love easy. 

5. Talk like a human being

If there’s one thing always to keep in mind, it’s to talk to your customer, not at them. Be human. 

Interact as if you are person to person, not marketer to customer. The more your customer can relate to you, the more effective your communication will be. 

When you talk to a customer like they are just another person on your list, you lack the personality and connection that builds trust. 

Here to make your direct mail marketing impactful

Direct marketing is critical to driving your sales efforts, so be personal, relatable and human. People like to buy from brands they love and admire on a personal level. Be a brand they want to buy from. 

If you’re struggling to identify ways to make your customers care about your mail, the professionals at PMI can help with that. Our creative marketing services paired with our expert direct mail marketing tactics will help you create a marketing strategy that works.

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