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It’s a standard rule of thumb in marketing: It costs 10 times less to keep the customers you have than to generate new ones. 

This means one of the best uses of your marketing dollars is to maintain customer loyalty. You can do this in a variety of ways while making things uber personalized and focused on what each of your customers’ needs. 

However, one of the easiest ways to maintain customer loyalty is one that doesn’t take much time and won’t break the bank: surveys. 

Surveys are incredibly effective for a multitude of reasons. 

They Make Customers Feel Valued

The first and most important reason that surveys are effective is that they make customers feel valued. 

By sending consumers regular surveys asking about their lifestyle or questions about your product or service, it shows you genuinely care about how they feel and what they think. It showcases that you pay attention to your customers, even if they haven’t worked with you in quite some time—that they aren’t just another place to get money.

A great way to use a survey to your advantage is to send it through the mail. You can design it in different ways and use different typography to make it personalized to each client and make them feel seen and heard.  

They Provide a Learning Opportunity

Do you ever wonder about the types of people who make up your audience? If you’re a good business owner, you do. 

Understanding your customers’ habits, lifestyles, demographic information and purchasing patterns all funnel together to help you understand how to better sell your product or service. Surveys can help you get those answers and more. 

Surveys are perfect in that they are so versatile. A great tool in drip marketing, you could send a survey to existing customers every three months asking them different questions such as race, gender, hobbies and if they plan on continuing their relationship with you. 

You then can compile this data to identify ways you can improve your business and make deeper connections with each possible client.

They Check on the Relationship Status

Despite popular belief, people still love getting print mail, and because it’s not sent that often, they value it even more. Direct mail surveys provide a great way to tap into that love and also identify where your existing customers stand on their relationship with your company. 

It may take consumers months to identify if they liked your business or service. By sending them a follow-up survey, you can ask if they liked your service and if they would recommend it to friends. 

This is a great way to build up a list of testimonials where people talk about why others should work with you. You can offer the incentive of a certain percentage off of services to get more responses. 

How Often Should You Survey? 

Some marketers survey their customers on an as-needed basis. Their goal might be to understand different customer behaviors, such as a drop in sales or a shift in purchasing patterns, or just to get to know their customers better to drive one-to-one personalization programs. 

Others have an ongoing commitment to customer surveys, such as sending annual questionnaires “just because” or followups after each sale to monitor customer satisfaction. The frequency and purpose of each survey are solely up to each business and what they need to find out from their client base. 

Regardless of which approach works best for you, customer surveys are a valuable tool for maintaining the loyalty of those customers who help your bottom line the most.

Maximizing Survey Results

Creating surveys to check in on your current relationship with your clients might sound great to you. However, you could be conflicted about how to identify the questions you need to ask. 

That’s why the professionals at PMI are here to help. We work with businesses to identify the best course of action when it comes to their marketing needs. 

Our extensive services and trained staff can sit down with you and identify what surveys can give to your business. 

If you need to send a customer survey or need help creating one, reach out to us on our website today. We can’t wait to help you reach your goals.

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