It’s an age-old question. Which marketing channels are shown to be the most effective, and how can they be used to an organization’s advantage, especially in a nonprofit setting where budgets are often tight? One might assume that direct mail marketing should go at the bottom of that list. But World Advertising Research Centre (Warc) and Royal Mail Marketreach did a study that showed direct mail is actually quite popular among Gen Z, of all demographics.

The institutions compiled their findings into a report called Driving Effectiveness with Direct Mail, based on 218 UK campaigns that used direct mail marketing either as the primary marketing media or in the mix of marketing methods. They found that 35% of the campaigns that used direct mail marketing services reported a positive ROI, compared with 23% for the average across all of the marketing campaigns. Furthermore, Warc and RMM concluded that the physical nature of mail, capturing both sensory and mental attention, averages an engagement rate of 95%.

Amy Rodgers, the managing editor of research at Warc, told Campaign UK: “The digital disruption of the past decade has pushed direct mail into the shadow of emerging platforms. But the time has come for a re-evaluation of direct mail amid increasing demands on consumer attention and the acceleration of underlying trends in business and society driven by the pandemic. With this research showing that campaigns using direct mail drive a notable impact on effectiveness metrics, like ROI and revenue, the events of the past 18 months have shone a light on the potential for the channel.”

Surprisingly, Gen Z (born between 1997 and 2012) is the most drawn to direct mail marketing. The reasons given in the report state that these digital natives find “snail mail” novel and therefore exciting.

The report also stated that of those people they surveyed, almost 90% of participants said they preferred a combination of direct mail marketing and digital marketing.

Dan Jury, senior media planner at Royal Mail’s Marketreach, told Campaign UK: “Direct mail is alive and well. It has undergone a significant digital transformation of its own, remains the third-largest media channel in the UK, integrates powerfully with other channels to support full-funnel strategies, is a proven driver of business growth and ROI, and is highly trusted – particularly with Gen Z.”

Direct mail marketing is a great option if you want to increase your market reach without spending a ton of money. Here are some ways to creatively utilize direct mail marketing services to grow your nonprofit audience.

Special Announcements

Direct mail can make customers (or potential customers) feel extra special, like you took the time to send them a letter rather than just another email clogging their inbox. After all, when we get personal letters or cards, it feels much more special than an email or a message on social media. Whether it’s an invitation to an event, a monthly newsletter, or a coupon code for an exciting new product, direct mail sticks in customers’ minds.

Brand and Image Reinforcement

Do you have beautiful fonts, color schemes, and logos? Direct mail is your opportunity to flaunt them in an up-close-and-personal way while at the same time reinforcing your brand and image to customers and increasing their positive associations with your company.

Quick Response Codes

QR codes are everywhere nowadays, and with good reason. All customers have to do is scan them with their smartphone and you can take them to an RSVP page for an event, a survey, or a product page.

Build Credibility

Direct mail marketing is a good way to build your organization’s credibility. The more channels you use to operate, the more your brand is put in front of customers, and the more they interact with it.

So now that it’s obvious you need exceptional direct mail marketing services for your nonprofit, how do you launch a direct mail campaign? Contact us today!

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