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Are you still ordering print products by email or phone call? How many problems do you run into when it comes to incorrect logos being printed and projects taking forever to get done? 

When it comes to ordering print products, did you know that you can save money by changing from traditional ordering methods such as sending email requests or placing orders over the phone to a streamlined automated storefront? 

Here are five ways this simple change can boost your bottom line:

  1. Faster, easier ordering. 

Every time one of your employees has to stop what they are doing to place a manual order, it costs you money. This is especially true if things get held up on the other end or the person who does the ordering doesn’t fully understand the order. 

By automating the process, they can spend more time doing things that make you money. The odds are, your employees also will appreciate going to digital orders for promotional print products. 

It means instead of picking up the phone, calling, and waiting to order or sending an email that doesn’t get answered for days or weeks, all they have to do is go online, push a few buttons and the order is done, ready to go and they can move on. 

  1. No more wasted inventory.

Almost every business owner has run into a problem where they need products but not as many as offered in a package they would have to order through email or call. That easily can drain money on unneeded products and waste inventory that could be used by someone else.  

When you order through a digital storefront, you can order in small quantities on demand. No more throwing out large amounts of letterhead, brochures or other business or marketing materials when they go out of date.

  1. Bye-bye errors.

The best part about a digital storefront is that everything is as it should be. When you approve and centralize all of your materials in a digital storefront, the branding elements are locked in. 

Say goodbye to the accidental use of incorrect images and old logos. Those kinds of issues can impact your brand in a negative way and confuse consumers, so you avoid this and save your business a lot of future problems. 

  1. Embrace the template.

Companies, especially small companies working with independent contractors, can spend a lot of money on design. By creating templates for your most common projects, you can put that money toward other things. 

You’ll still want the most creative, one-off jobs to be professionally designed, but simple recurring projects can be managed in house without compromising your brand. For example, posters and brochures that are regularly used throughout one year can be posted as a template and filled in. The design can be switched out every year or six months. 

  1. Save time.

Time is money, right? By starting with a brand-approved template, you can turn around projects in hours rather than weeks, even when you need to make changes to the copy, offer or image. This allows you to respond more quickly to market changes (such as moves by your competitors) or launch a pop-up sale.

Work With Us

These are some of the top benefits of digital storefronts, but they are by no means the only ones. 

By working with the skilled professionals at PMI, we can go through your account together and identify the many ways you could be saving money. With our services, the options are endless, as digital ordering isn’t the only thing we help with. 

We provide a range of creative marketing services meant to boost brand recognition and gain clients. If you need help with creative marketing services, reach out on our website today.

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