You come home from work and discover that you received a direct mail piece. Nice! We all love mail. But then you talk to your neighbor, and they got the same piece in their mailbox. Then you talk to another neighbor, and they got one, too. So did the neighbor across the street and the neighbor the next road over. This piece of direct mail marketing has been sent to everyone in a 6-mile radius! So much for feeling special.

Personalization not only matters, but it makes people feel valued, especially when it arrives in print. There’s nothing like the feeling of receiving a personalized, physical direct mail piece. In today’s world, it’s easy to get so used to the digitization of nearly everything that you lose touch with printed personalization. Digital personalization is all around us, from Amazon recommendations to shopping cart abandonment reminders, but personalization in print marketing is less common. Most people can distinctly remember the last time they received a personalized, printed mail piece because of one simple reason — it stands out.

While personalization in print stands out for relevance, it increasingly stands out for another reason: respect. What do we mean by that?

Personalizing your print communications shows respect for the recipient’s time. Everyone is constantly bombarded by useless junk mail that serves no purpose and carries no meaning. Nobody has time for irrelevant mail anymore. Buyers know that personalization is possible—they even expect it. They look for it, and they recognize it when they see it. By personalizing the piece, the recipient knows that you’ve taken the time to create something just for them. They know that when they open it, they are less likely to find something irrelevant that is a waste of their time. By contrast, they even look forward to personalized mail because it has become so rare. Everyone enjoys the feeling of receiving a distinct, special printed piece of mail even if they’ve forgotten what it feels like. Remind them how special it is by personalizing your print communications. 

It comes as no surprise that, in a classic InfoTrends study on the value of print personalization, when consumers were asked how providers can improve the value of their direct mail communications, two of the top three responses were “make them relevant to me” (34%) and “personalize the content for me” (28%). The fatigue of receiving meaningless junk mail is echoed in these responses. Do you know the top reason for marketers to personalize their transactional mail, in particular? “Make it easier to understand,” with 43% giving this answer. Consumers do not appreciate wasting time trying to understand what a piece of mail means, or even why it showed up in their mailbox. Printed, personalized mail will make the recipient feel special, and will keep them from wasting time trying to decipher the meaning of the piece. This, again, shows respect for the recipient’s time.

It’s no wonder that when asked how personalization affected the amount of time consumers spent with marketing mail, nearly half (49%) agreed that they spend “much more time” reading direct mail that is “personalized and relevant” to them than they do with generic direct mail. This is because it’s easy to differentiate the two types of mail. Generic direct mail tends to all look the same, whereas personalized mail stands out.

The data continues to tell the story. You’re missing a massive opportunity to connect with your consumer base if you’re not personalizing your print or digital communications. We’re here to help you through the process. Need to get started? Let’s do it!

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