Customers want information when and where they need it. In today’s world, seamless and nearly instantaneous access to shopping methods, product reviews, or sneak peeks at new products and services is the expectation. Yet for many, the process is still fragmented. 

How can you connect the dots so that your customers receive a consistent, relevant message regardless of the method of communication? It starts with having complete data.

Recent studies show that mapping the customer experience and the use of personalized content are the most effective methods of optimizing marketing efforts. Ensure that your digital assets and direct mail printing services are as effective as possible. 

How to collect the right data

There are three data types you can draw from:

First-party data: This is the data you own. It comes directly from your audience and consumers through mailing services such as direct mail marketing and inbound email marketing, as well as data from your CRM system.

You may also consider including data gathered from social media interactions with your company. This information is freely provided by the consumer, making it arguably the most valuable data for creating strong relationships with your audience.

Second-party data: This is data you rent, purchase, or exchange with another company. Unlike aggregator firms, this data is first-party data to the company that owns it. Typically there is more confidence in the relevancy, usability, and accuracy of the information which would result in more meaningful opportunities. 

Third-party data: This is data you gather from data aggregator firms. They collect data from various websites which is then organized by interests and demographics, for example. Third-party data is typically available to anybody and is not specifically tailored to your company. 

How to source valuable customer experience data

How exactly do you collect valuable data from your customers? A customer-focused service company, like an airline, might mine data to help better define their target audience. To do this they’d want to collect information from a few different outlets:

  • Members of its loyalty program (sourced from CRM)
  • Customers who frequently book travel online (sourced from its website)
  • Customers or prospects exhibiting high engagement with its monthly newsletters (sourced from email)
  • Consumers posting on social media accounts about travel credit cards (sourced from social media)

Third-party data such as specialty credit card inquiries, magazine subscriptions, and catalog purchases can also be used to supplement first and second-party data to augment customer personas and trends. 

Using the data to provide a seamless customer experience

Once you have the data in hand, you can not only better define your target audience but also create content and messaging that resonates strongly with that audience. Gathered data should be organized, cleaned up to remove errors or anomalies, and analyzed. 

Diving deeper yet, your content can be broken down to facilitate buyers as they consider your company, explore your products and services, and make their decision to purchase. Segmenting and personalizing your content using collected data improves the engagement with companies. According to Mailchimp, recipients of segmented email communication are 75% more likely to click on emails than from non-segmented campaigns.

Incorporating the results from your data collection and analysis to develop and improve your marketing planning will provide customers with that seamless, personalized experience they are seeking.

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