Most well-known brands have distinct identities. When you think of Nike, what comes to mind? It’s probably that iconic swoosh and the slogan “Just do it.” McDonald’s is another example. You know what to expect when you see the golden arches and red background.

Brand identity is how your company expresses and describes itself with representative colors, images, fonts, and language. A strong brand identity can help strengthen your company’s reputation in a crowded market and build loyalty and trust.

Although those mentioned above come to mind when discussing brand identity, it is also important for small and medium-sized businesses. How do you create one? Read on to learn more!

1. Define Your Brand Story

Use descriptive language, anecdotes, and narratives to create your brand story. To build trust, share your business’s origins, communicate its unique value proposition, and explain how it can solve your customers’ specific problems. Why does your brand exist? Your brand mission explains its purpose, objective, and how it will serve its customers. Clarify those points and then weave the facts and emotions to create a compelling brand story.

2. Create Distinct Visual Branding

Apple’s archetypal logo of an apple with a bite taken out of it is an excellent example of effective visual branding. It is instantly recognizable and consistent across all its products, marketing materials, and packaging.

An experienced printing services company can help you develop an impactful visual brand identity with a punchy logo, appealing color palette, and overall aesthetic, whether understated or maximalist, geometric or organic, or vibrant or muted. It can also ensure your materials are consistent, including packaging, brochures, and signage.

3. Build a Brand Persona

A brand persona – as expected – personifies your company, including its goals and how it will present itself to your customers. Who is your target audience? Gather as much information about it and determine what voice and tone will resonate with it and align with your brand’s values. Think of your brand as though it’s a person to help create a well-defined brand persona that is more memorable and attractive to potential customers. Use authentic content to humanize your brand further and foster a sense of community and connection.

4. Prioritize Customer Experience

You create your customers’ experience through all their interactions with your company. They help shape their impression and connect them to your brand. To create a successful customer experience, be intentional, continually seek feedback, and sustain efforts to improve. Tell your customers how to reach you and be responsive and helpful. This personalized service is what will reinforce a positive brand experience.

5. Use All Available Marketing Channels

Want to ensure your target customers get to know your brand identity? Use every channel possible to expand your reach and build brand awareness. These include direct mail, email, promotional products, social media, and wide-format graphics. Use these channels and tools to answer questions and inquiries, connect with followers and consumers, and share your brand story.

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Building a brand identity is as crucial for your small to medium-sized business as for the trillion-dollar giants. PMI can help.

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