When’s the last time you reached out to a customer and didn’t try to sell them something? 

Can’t remember? That’s pretty normal when it comes to the day-in and day-out movement of owning a business. 

Which is why it’s important not to lose track of its purpose: your customers and their happiness. Customers are more loyal when they feel that you care about them, not just their money. 

Here are five ways to keep the conversation rolling after they’ve used your services. 

1. Touch base … just to touch base.  

People like to celebrate things, so you should capitalize on this. Send personalized notes and postcards at critical anniversaries. Celebrate customers’ birthdays or significant business-relationship anniversaries with handwritten birthday cards and notes.

Some companies make these touches by email, but personalized cards and letters have far more impact. It’s shown that customers who are appreciated stay longer and spend more

There is something more powerful about a beautiful personalized message that arrives in a printed envelope than “Happy Birthday!” in an eight-point subject line.

2. Provide valuable information.  

Just because someone has already bought a home from you doesn’t mean you should just forget about them. It costs more to get a new customer than to keep an old one. Capitalize on their trust and keep up with them and their new life in their new home. 

Send postcards every few months wishing them a happy season. Offer suggestion lists or notes about ways they can improve their home, whether that be through landscaping, winterizing their garage doors or keeping items up-to-date. 

By keeping up with the customer and continuing to provide valuable information, you showcase to them how trusting you is a long-term investment with plenty of rewards and benefits. 

3. Take notes and follow up.

On any given day, you’ll see numerous clients. Each one is different with different stories. 

It’s always helpful during each meeting to take notes about each client, such as if they have kids or what their short-term goals are. 

You then use this to your advantage to check in every once in awhile to see how they’re doing, asking if they have achieved their goals. If you call and ask how their son is and if he’s still pursuing a degree in aerodynamics, a customer is sure to feel appreciated. 

4. Utilize social media.

Almost seven out of 10 Americans use social media to stay connected every day. Chances are, your customers use a form of social media or communicate in other ways, like a blog. 

A great way to stay involved in the lives of your customers is to comment and like their posts regularly. 

Don’t comment just one word or like something randomly. Take a look at what’s going on and be an active voice on their page. Your customers will appreciate the support and that you are actively aware of what’s happening in their lives. 

5. Don’t let them get away.

Do you know when customers are starting to fade away? Maybe they buy fewer products from you, or maybe they do so less frequently. 

Pay attention to which customers remain engaged and reach out and those who do not. This allows you to re-engage lagging relationships before it’s too late. 

Once a pattern of non-engagement becomes entrenched, it’s much harder to change. Be sure to ask for regular contact-information updates as well. 

Making a Customer Feel Appreciated 

Here at Communications Squared, we know what customers want and need. Everyone wants to be noticed and cared about, and your customers are no different. Love your customers beyond the sale, and they will love you back. 

If you need help finding ways to keep the conversation going with your customers, reach out on our contact page. We’d be happy to help.

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