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The COVID-19 pandemic has created uncertainty for everyone, including buyers. But this doesn’t mean that people aren’t making purchases. 

It just means that people are making purchases differently than before. This means that your marketing should reflect higher sensitivity to the overall challenges they might be facing. 

Let’s look at five keys to marketing during COVID-19 and keeping that connection with your customers.

1. Let your customers know how you are responding to the pandemic

The pandemic is making many buyers question a lot of things in their lives. This means some of them might be looking for new and better products or services during this time. 

You as a marketer need to make sure they still understand why they need you in their lives. You especially need to let them know you are responding to the pandemic. A business in this time without a response plan is sure to lose money or even bite the dust. 

If you provide assistance to customers or reach out to help the community in any way, let your customers know. It matters.

2. Show empathy

The one thing that your customers need right now is empathy and understanding. They need to know that your product or service is meant to do something positive for them. 

For example, does your product save time so busy moms and dads can provide extra homework help for kids doing virtual school? Do you help small businesses save money when times are tight?

Customers still are buying, but position your products in ways that reflect a core concern for their concerns. 

3. Point to online sales

During this time, you shouldn’t necessarily stop your print marketing strategy. However, you should be putting most of your resources and money toward online sales. 

Not only does this provide a better way for customers to connect to your brand, but it also provides you a better opportunity to get more sales. You have to think, most people aren’t going out and about these days. 

There are easy ways to emphasize online sales as well. Consider emphasizing online shopping options and free shipping. This reassures customers that you are committed to their safety.

4. Focus on customer relationships and engagement

People like to buy from companies they like and trust. During times of uncertainty, this is more important than ever. 

Take the extra effort to engage with your customers and get to know them—and let them get to know you too. Show your human side—market using stories, not specs. Don’t just throw up your normal marketing content and hope that it sticks. It probably won’t. 

And most importantly, work your brand’s personality. The better the personality, the higher the ability of customers still to engage during the pandemic. 

5. Avoid the hard sell

There is a time for, “Buy now!” “Don’t miss out!” However, now may not be it. 

Be gentle in your messaging. Lead rather than breaking down the door. Your customers still need your products, but they have lots of other critical things on their plates.

If you can, try to give discounts, free shipping or an easy return policy so they can see that you care about them and can respect their choice if they can’t have your product right now. 

Here to help you market during COVID-19

Even in uncertain times, it’s important to keep marketing. It’s just essential to shift how you do it.

The professionals at PMI are here to make that shift in marketing easier. With years of experience in the field of creative marketing services, we can help you create a plan that’s right for your brand during such an uncertain time. 

From direct mail marketing to promotional products, PMI is here to help. Reach out today on our website, and let’s see how we can make your marketing strategy more successful.

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