Have you ever wanted to spice up your printed mail for your customers to keep them engaged and interested in your brand or product? Of course you have! Everyone wants to be interesting and engage their consumer base in new and fun ways. However, did you know that by doing so you can receive special discounts?

The United States’ 2022 Emerging and Advanced Technology Program is here. The USPS always offers postal discounts to encourage mailers to add interactive technologies that give print even more life and excitement. By incorporating these technologies, not only do businesses get better results, but they save 2% – 3% on postage.

If you are already using one or more of these emerging technologies, the USPS discount program can save you money. If you aren’t, it can help you get started using these technologies.

Don’t be intimidated by some of these, they are quite simple once you dive in.

New this year, the USPS Emerging and Advanced Technology Program offers two promotion levels: 2% discounts and 3% discounts.

Let’s look at this year’s money savers.

2% Discount

  • “Enhanced” Augmented Reality: Promotions let users view, manipulate, and interact with 3D virtual objects in their real-world environments.
  • Basic Integration with Voice Assistant: Add voice assistant prompts that allow recipients to use their voices to guide exploration through smart speakers such as Alexa and Google Assistant. Voice assistants are exploding in almost every industry right now, so don’t get left behind!

3% Discount

  • Advanced Integration with Voice Assistant: This is similar to Basic Integration with Voice Assistant, but instead of basic prompts, you create custom prompts that deliver unique customer experiences. Customers love to feel like they are special, and this is a great way to give them that feeling of being unique.
  • Video in Print Technology: Add printed screens that create mailable interactive video experiences. Nothing helps you stand out amongst competition like an interactive experience.
  • Near-Field Communication: Use short-range wireless technology to connect mail to electronic devices (phones, laptops, watches). Send music, images, or video with no Internet connection required. NFC tags cost as little as $0.25 and can be created and customized as quickly as an address label. With a price that low, it’s hard to pass up this opportunity!
  • Mixed Reality: Also referred to as Augmented Reality, this technology allows you to blend physical and virtual spaces to create a unique world alongside reality. This technology is also on the rise, similar to voice assistants, so get in while it’s still growing!

Virtual Reality: Craft experiences that take place in artificial worlds and give your customers a one-of-a-kind experience.

Both the registration and promotion periods for these campaigns run through August 31, so sign up as soon as you can! To be eligible, mail can be letters or flats sent First-Class, USPS Marketing Mail, or Nonprofit USPS Marketing Mail.

Why wait around when you could be not only engaging your customers in new and fun experiences but also saving money while doing it?

While many of these technologies may seem beyond the reach of the average business, many aren’t as complicated as you might think. Talk to us about saving money on postage and incorporating some of these powerful interactive technologies into your marketing mix.

Perhaps the two most important aspects to consider with digital marketing are connecting with your customers and saving money. You can achieve both of these by registering for these campaigns before August 31.

Still not convinced? We’re here to help you through the process. Contact us today to get started!

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