Did you know that six percent of consumers in the United States don’t have access to broadband? That 30 percent of Americans don’t use Facebook? Or that only 83 percent of U.S. adults have cellphones?

Even the best email lists only reach 40–50 percent of your list because of addresses that are incorrect. 

Postal mail is the only channel that can reach your entire target audience.

2. Direct-mail lists have lower churn.

Most people can attest they have various email addresses that they don’t use anymore. Or some people have two emails, one for work and one that’s for personal use.  

In general, people change email addresses frequently, whether through preference, job change or other scenarios. By contrast, people may live at the same address for years, if not decades. 

By sending direct mail, you have a higher chance of reaching the person you want. 

3. Personalization is more reliable.

Data used to personalize according to demographic and psychographic can be readily cross-checked and validated. Doing this online or through email can be a bit trickier. 

When purchasing or adding to a direct-mail list, you can have a high level of confidence in its accuracy. You can also make mail more personalized by adding names and other information, showcasing your appreciation for your customers

4. Mail stands out in the mailbox.

It is not unusual for the average person to receive hundreds of emails in a single day. Even the best, most personalized email may still never be seen or accidentally go into the spam folder. 

By contrast, with consumers’ mailboxes less full than they used to be, well-designed direct-mail pieces jump out and command attention. It’s an opportunity to connect with your customers in ways most other businesses aren’t. 

5. Direct mail is a physical thing.

Yes, email utilizes many of the benefits of graphics and personalization to create text and photos that are engaging. 

However, direct mail offers a level of tangibility and visual appeal not available through any other channel. People respond to the richness of color, the depth of imagery, and dimensional techniques such as coatings, dynamic folds and eye-catching die-cuts.

6. It’s cost-effective. 

Creating direct-mail marketing campaigns is cost-effective. Eye-catching brochures or coupon vouchers can be created on any laptop, desktop or smartphone and then printed on any printer. Hundreds of copies can usually be printed at a group price from print vendors. 

A business can also start small by sending out batches of direct mail to see if the results are successful or nWithout direct mail, customer acquisition falls flat. 

Sound like a bold claim? It is, but there’s a reason—it’s true. Many direct marketers can attest that without direct mail, their customer-acquisition efforts would be less successful.

What makes direct mail so powerful?

1. It’s the only channel that can reach your entire target audience.

  1. From there, they can keep increasing. 

There are also mass mail rates at post offices, so sending them along is also economical. 

7. Your chance of impact is higher. 

Despite what people may think, people still like getting mail in the electronic age. It offers a different kind of satisfaction and warm, fuzzy feeling knowing someone took the time to send you mail. 

Not only do people still like getting mail, but 80 to 90 percent of direct mail gets opened, compared to only 20 to 30 percent of emails getting opened every day. Sending direct mail impacts your customer more than you know. 

Direct mail: the key to customer acquisition

Customer acquisition is critical to your business. 

To achieve success, you need the right tools. While going multichannel with print and digital marketing is a “must-have” approach, direct mail remains the most predictable, effective way to reach the widest number of consumers. 

If you need help creating a successful direct-mail marketing strategy that shoots your customer acquisition through the roof, head over to our contact page and send us a message. We’re ready to help you succeed.

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