Interactive experiences and customer connections are limitless when print and mobile technology are used together, which is why I am looking forward to Irresistible Mail – The Next Generation Campaign Awards to come out May 8.  Each year the USPS highlights and awards the most innovative direct mail campaigns.  They are wildly creative and inspiring, but more importantly they drive demand and leads.  According to the Direct Marketing Association, Direct Mail campaigns that include email and online channels see a 37% lift in response rate.  A smartphone can swipe, tap or scan and turn a mailer into a gateway to personalized content promotions and experiences.

Below are a few inspiring links to next generation marketing campaigns from last year’s winners where print was a key component in driving results.  Direct mail was combined with online tools and technologies such as a very simple, stylized QR code to send customers back to their abandoned digital shopping carts; Virtual Reality to provide a 360 degree brand story, and Augmented Reality to create a digital world from a real life physical surface.  The concepts can be implemented specifically to meet your marketing objectives and will definitely cut through the clutter, get through the gate keepers, and get your company noticed.  We have so many ideas how to use direct mail to help your business stand out, give us a call.

Which one is most inspiring to you?

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