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Want to make your marketing campaigns the most effective they can be? Of course, you do! You just have to be sure to hit all of the key marketing components. 

Whether your business is based in the Bay Area or any other city in the United States, marketers know the importance of the list, the message, and the offer, but there are other components too. Here are nine “must haves” for any marketing campaign. How many of these do your campaigns have?

  1. List: You have a target audience, but is it the right audience? Or the right segment of that audience? Your campaign won’t go far if you are marketing to the wrong people. 

You’ll have more success in your marketing campaign if you research who needs your campaign and create a tailored list that targets that specific audience.

  1. Segmentation: When planning your campaign, ask yourself what your target audience looks like and how they behave. How well do you understand them? Have you created customer profiles? Personas? Do you know the difference?

Creating customer profiles and personas will help you divide your target audience so you can use your campaign to address the different needs and perceptions in your audience. This will give you more direction on how to execute your campaign.

  1. Design and Layout: Whether you’re using a digital or direct mail marketing campaign (or both!) there’s a lot to consider visually. How will the design and layout of the print piece or email look? 

What types of images will you use? Are your look and branding consistent across all channels? As you answer these questions, remember your goal is to create something aesthetically appealing that also gets your message across. 

  1. Offer: Your marketing campaign should be designed to prompt action on the buyer’s part. What is the call to action and what is their incentive to respond to your campaign?  And have you changed it up recently or is it the same offer you’ve been using for years?

If your target audience for this campaign are individuals whom you have sold to before, switch things up, so they have reason to look at you again.

5. Channel: You have a message, how will you deliver it? What is the medium? Print? Email? Social media? Mobile? Promotional products? Remember that multiple channels work better than single channels alone.

6. Mailing format: If you are using direct mail marketing, what is the delivery method? Postcard? Newsletter? Trifold mailer? Are the mailers personalized or static? If you are mailing a letter inside an envelope, is the envelope personalized?

Different formats work best for different campaigns. And don’t forget to use high-quality printing services to help your materials stand out!

  1. Cadence: You want to stay in front of your customers, but you don’t want to overwhelm or irritate them. Strategic timing of your communications keeps you in touch with customers without becoming a nuisance. 

What day of the week will the mailing hit? If you are using digital channels, what time of day will the message be delivered? What is the frequency? You’ll have to consider these questions to establish the best time to send your communications.

  1. Message: The whole point of your marketing campaign is to communicate with prospective buyers. What are you going to say and how are you going to say it? Should it be informational? Entertaining? Should it use humor or play it straight? 

Answer these questions by looking at who your audience is, what you want them to know about your business, what will get their attention, and how you want them to react. Then you can craft the perfect message for getting your point across. 

  1. Performance Metrics: While you’re ironing out the details of your campaign, you should also begin thinking about how you are going to measure your results. Every campaign’s success will be measured a little differently. 

For instance, you aren’t going to measure a branding campaign the same way that you measure a sales promotion.

Your performance metrics should match the overall goal of your campaign. If you’re looking to increase profits, then your metric will be how much money you earned from customers who were influenced by your campaign.

If your goal is to attract new leads, then establish a way to measure that. 

No matter if you’re planning a direct mail marketing campaign or an email campaign or something else, these nine components are vital to your success.  

Are you optimizing all of these components in every campaign? If not, there may be an opportunity to improve your results. Let us help! PMI offers creative marketing services, marketing fulfillment services, and more for businesses like yours in the San Francisco Bay area and across the United States.

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