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Donors are the most important thing to a nonprofit organization other than its mission. While they do keep enough funds to continue with daily activities, nonprofits donate every available penny to the cause they were created for. So how do you keep donations pouring in? There are several techniques recommended to gain donations and retain donors, eventually making them lifetime supporters.

Techniques for Boosting Donor Acquisition

Donors are imperative in keeping a nonprofit organization going strong. Supporting the mission that is the heart and soul of your nonprofit relies on donor funds. There are several techniques available to keep donations streaming in.

  • Make your site mobile-friendly.
    • You probably surf the web on your phone daily. Most people do. You also realize it’s challenging to view a website that isn’t formatted for mobile devices. So, it makes sense that your nonprofit should have a website that’s easy to access on any device. Now people can donate no matter where they are.
  • Prove where the money is going.
    • Sadly, we live in a world full of scams and shady deals. Showing your potential donors where their money is going and what it’s doing will increase trust in your brand. This can be done with photographs on your site, tagging events on social media, or a checklist of what is being purchased. Photos of the people/cause you’re helping is a great choice for making people see who they are helping with their generosity.
  • Be transparent.
    • Once again, proving that your nonprofit is legitimate will go a long way toward instilling trust in potential donors. Another way to accomplish this is to publish financials on your site. Water Mission is a great example of a nonprofit that proves what their donor’s money does to help their cause.
  • Utilize surveys.
    • The majority of people aren’t going to send an email telling a nonprofit why they wanted to donate or what was challenging about using the website. These answers must be tracked down. Research through surveys is the best way to do this. You can send emails with surveys attached or tack them on the end of a donation transaction. Adding a raffle to the survey process can also spark interest. Remember that the more answers you get, the more reliable the information is.
  • Simplify your donation form.
    • Donating is an act that makes people feel good. They are doing something to help a cause bigger than themselves. Don’t distract them from the warm, fuzzy feelings with a ton of questions on your form! Only request info that is necessary for completing an online donation. Make sure that the form is the main focus of the page. Placing it down at the bottom, or forcing a ton of button clicks first, can be confusing.

Donating is a wonderful way for anyone to feel like they are helping in the community. Learning how to access and encourage people who wish to donate is very important to a nonprofit. Techniques to increase donations can be extremely useful if utilized correctly. Assess your donor acquisition strategy and see if your nonprofit measures up. More assistance can be found by consulting marketing companies. They know the business of getting people to notice and gravitate toward a product and may be able to help your nonprofit increase its visibility.


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