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Color allows all of us to experience the world around us. For babies, it allows them to distinguish things. For children, it shows them how bright the world can be. For adults, color elicits creativity, imagination, and various different emotions. 

As a business owner, color is one of your secret weapons. When you hand out a piece of marketing collateral or send a direct mail marketing piece, the first thing recipients notice is the color. 

In an instant, color does a lot of things, including: 

  • Grabbing attention 
  • Highlighting areas of importance 
  • Establishing credibility 
  • Providing beauty
  • (When particularly high quality) distinguishing you from the competition

It’s important to understand that each color does something specific to your audience. It makes them feel specific things. 

People tend to associate red with excitement and passion, for example. Yellow is happy but also cautionary. Blue is cool and authoritative as well as peaceful. Green is relaxing and symbolizes nature. 

Used correctly, color is a powerful way to elicit emotion and connect your customer to you. Especially if you use different and unique shades of certain colors, it can subconsciously remind your customer of your brand whenever they see it. 

How to Capitalize on Color

You may be starting to worry about and second guess your current color schemes, but that’s not what we’re saying you should do!

We just want you to consider the color schemes and palettes you utilize every day and make sure they line up with the message you’re trying to send. The more in line and consistent everything is, the better it will be for both your business and your customers’ experience. 

Consider these powerful color combination examples:

  • Orange/blue. This combination is a great attention-grabber. Think about the packaging you see in the cleaning aisle at the grocery store. The calm of the blue offsets the brightness of the orange, making a wonderful balance. 
  • Green/red. This does not have the same contrast as orange/blue, but it still gets attention. This combination is often used by restaurants because it stimulates the appetite. It’s also associated with the holiday season, which is a big plus as consumers are already familiar with it. 
  • Orange/yellow/black. This combination shouts, “LOOK HERE!” Go for maximum effect by placing black type against an orange or yellow background. This would be perfect for flash sales or grand openings.     
  • Purple/yellow. These complementary colors create a sense of elegance and importance that is often associated with royalty. It’s a great option for luxury businesses, especially clothing lines.  

The options we’ve listed above don’t even cover all of the different feelings you can elicit with colors. Those are just the most basic ones, which is why it’s important that you investigate and test different ones out. 

Better yet, ask your customers what they like the best! If you cater to their wants and needs, they’ll continuously give you their service and loyalty. 

Some Color Tips and Tricks

Every business owner wants marketing copy that speaks volumes and delivers on-brand messaging. However, it can be easy for things to get messed up from design to print. 

When assigning colors to your printed pieces, remember that the color you see on your computer may not appear identical on the final printed piece. Images on your monitor are displayed using RGB colors or those produced by combining red, green, and blue. 

If color is critical, make sure to request a hard copy press proof before you approve the job. 

Reach Out to PMI

Identifying the power of color and how it relates to your business can seem hard for some business owners, and that’s okay. You’re always running an entire business, so why not leave your creative marketing services to the professionals at PMI. 

We offer Bay Area marketing services that are a cut above the rest and make sure you are consistently delivering in every area of your marketing strategy. Reach out to us today to see how we can spice up your current business color palette and have new customers flocking to your site. 

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