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What is VDP?

Variable Data Printing (VDP) is a form letter on steroids. It's is a revolutionary digital printing process that allows you to customize the content of your documents, making them more relevant to your audience.

The customer becomes part of the message.

Anyone who's done a mail merge in Word will understand the basic concept. Variable Data Printing links a database with a message, an offer or maybe an invitation. The most basic Variable Data Printing is just putting a different name on each piece. But it can get really exciting when you start adding images and text that change depending on the market segments and building the text right into the images.

When you use Variable Data Printing as part of a multi-touch campaign then you have a look and feel that crosses from snail mail to email to the web – all personalized. The customer sees the consistency and feels they're being guided step-by-step through the process to getting something they need.

The possibilities for targeting your messages to your customers and prospects are endless. With VDP you can:

  • Test Designs and Concepts
  • Target Individuals and Small Groups
  • Tailor Offers
  • Create Foreign Language Versions
  • Vary Content Based on Geographic Region or Sales Territory
  • Personalize Pieces for Extra Attention

Improved ROI

The real reason that marketers are so excited about the ability to vary content is that the more relevant a message is to each reader, the higher the response rate is. And the higher the response rate, the greater the return on your investment. Well-crafted campaigns often see response rates more than 5 times greater than that of their static counterparts, making the 2% rule something of the past.

Let Us Teach You How

If the concepts and processes are new to you, don't worry. We're here to help. Our marketing, design and production staff can get you on your way to 1:1 marketing success.